Friday, April 17, 2015

My granddaughter, Rian, is getting married

Rian Plummer and Tate Black eating pizza in Chicago during spring vacation

They're engaged.  Beautiful ring!
So Tate's been showing up at family parties for many moons now.  At first, we thought he was shy.  He tended to sit on straight back chairs and smile pleasantly at the rest of us, not giving us many hints about himself. Slowly we learned he's rye with his humor (the best kind), he's kind, he's better at puzzles than the rest of us, and he drives a truck.  He's a Centerville boy.  He's graduating from the U this semester.  He and Rian met when they both worked for the U housing office.  They are a splendid couple.  They'll marry in August.  Let the hoopla begin!


  1. Yay for Rian and your family!
    It sounds like Tate and Tom will get along perfectly. So nice when everyone in the family has a buddy who understands them.

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  3. Summer weddings are lovely. Congratulations to these two.

  4. Louie keeps referring to Tate as Ted, which amuses me.

  5. Wow! Congratulations Rian! For the record, Rian picked my son over his best friend at a Dating Game stake activity back in our/her NJ days...and then Zach found her again at a stake dance in PA! Definitely something I'll pass on to Zach and Evan in their weekly emails Sunday night. Oh the small world of Mormons.