Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rumors of my death are exaggerated

I'm not dead; I'm still packing.  Yesterday,Tom began teaching.  I packed.  Sam and Sarah made us feel like real people by feeding us dinner at their house.  I played "Fish" with Elliot and Louis, but I don't like the rules of their game.  It's just not right that you get another turn after you get what you wanted from the fish pile.  You simply get to fish again.  You don't get another turn.

But oh no!  This deck of cards shaped like fish says you get a second turn.  It makes the game so damned slow.  Death to grandmothers.  So wrong.

Tom and I took a small vacation by going to Ruth's for lunch.  We sat under a shade tree and gossiped.
It was old ladies' day.  Two huge tables of old women.  They were glorious.

What, you might ask, is an old woman according to a seventy-year old?

The answer is anyone who looks older than I do.

I can't believe how much STUFF we still have.  Get rid of your STUFF, people.  You're going to die!
STUFF is ridiculous.

And yet I always want me some more stuff.


  1. And are you still putting stuff you can't decide if you want to keep or not in a box because you can decide later? That is what I am doing thanks to your previous post on the topic. I am also moving, after 26 years of staying put. The problem is, I have too many boxes in that corner.

  2. Mercedes and Mike are moving too. Maybe you could slip them some STUFF and they won't notice until they arrive in Colorado.

  3. Oh just suck it up and play by the rules!

  4. Aren't there special rules for grandparents? When we played with my grandmother, who was in her nineties, she cheated and we just smiled and acted like nothing was amiss. Now it's funny because my dad is at the stage where he will ask if he's played the game before and then proceeds to cheat. Again we just smile and know that someday that will be us.
    As to your piles of stuff, nothing like moving to get rid of a bunch of stuff - you know, to make room for new "stuff"? Good luck with the move!

  5. L-O-V-E Love Ruth's Diner, especially for brunch. Haven't been there (or the state of Utah for that matter) for ages.