Thursday, May 21, 2015

Iris Apfel sings it at 93

Designer, Iris Apfel at 93, gives me strength.  Talk about being yourself into old age.  Holy cow.  And she's still designing jewelry.

And here she is in her NY apartment.  Look at those boots! Just when I think I should be simplifying, I see old Iris in her gaudy surroundings and think, oh, I could buy even more stuff, because maybe I'll live another twenty years.

Maybe not.

Do you think she takes naps?

I'm pretty sure she does.

I'm pretty sure she has a cook and a housekeeper. I would like a psychiatrist on my staff.

What this tells me is dress up in case someone wants to take your picture.  And maybe after seventy, we should all wear redder lipstick.

And eyeglasses are a fashion statement.

Never say never.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Far From the Madding Crows--the film

Rian, my grand daughter, and I went to the Copper Onion for lunch today--it never disappoints--and then went to the Broadway and saw FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD, taken from the Thomas Hardy novel of the same name.

It was such a satisfying film.  Carrie Mulligan was a perfect Bathsheba and Belgian actor, Matthia Schoenaerts was smashing as the sheepherder, Gabriel.  Gosh, imagine Americans fans getting their lips around that name.

And who can ever get enough of English countryside? Certainly, not me.

Searching online,  I found that FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD was made with Julie Christie in America (long ago when I was young), in German, and another English version for Masterpiece Theater.  My cup runneth over. And so does yours, unless you need a scene with a car chase; then never mind.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oprah and Louise SAY . . . Get a Bra Fitting

My sister, Marilyn, was driving around Bountiful on Saturday when she saw this sign. She couldn't believe it.  Surely, this sign was referring to her sister, Louise, who had written a blog about bra fittings about a month ago (April 13).  She went around the block to have a second look and take a picture on her phone, which she immediately sent to me.

I didn't see it until hours later, but when I did see it, I thought, wow, my blog readers are getting out there, and I am mildly famous!

Reign in my ego.  It turns out it was a store called LACE BY LOUISE.  There's one in Bountiful and one in South Jordan, as well.  I always thought it was a curtain store.  You know, lace curtains, as if anyone's buying those anymore.

It's a bra store!  A shop filled with bras.  Bras for all sizes.

So, it turns out it refers to the Louise who owns the store, not the Louise who writes about bra fittings.

I'm thinking there is only one Oprah.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday night realities

--I didn't get through that to-do list I wrote earlier in the week, but I'm happy with what I got done.

--Seven-year-old Louis really liked the birthday present we bought for him. (Reality: Sam bought it and wrapped it, and we wrote a check). Even after seeing the present opened, I'm still not sure what it was.

--I asked Tom if he'd seen my iPad and he said, "Yes, it's in the pantry in that red bag.  You told me to clear things up on the counters and stick it in the bag before your sisters came to play cards." (Last Monday).

--Not liking the wind, but like the cool weather and rain.

--Looked inside Ethan Allen windows tonight, while Tom sat in the car, removed his shoe and sock and scratched the unholy itch on the bottom of his foot.

--Went to Chili's tonight for the first time in years. It now reminds me of Michael Scott from The Office. Good guacamole. Icky salad.

--Tom sat next to me while I revised on the computer. His father did that for him one night when he had to write an essay for Pansy Powell his senior year in high school.  Good parenting: the gift that keeps on giving.

--Received two hand-written notes in the mail today. Like a kiss on the lips.

--Mother's Day flowers still going strong!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. briefly sidetracked by Ken Cannon

For the last several weeks, I've been binge-watching eight seasons of Magnum P.I.  I was thirty-eight when the series began in 1980, and I have to say I thought Tom Selleck was the world's hunkiest man  despite that high giggle.  Maybe because of the high giggle.  It humanized him.

What is it about men with dimples? Of course there's more than dimples going on in this package. There's height, good musculature, hair and sympathetic blue eyes.  And the mustache. Not many men carry off a mustache.  As a rule, I dislike facial hair, but Selleck's mustache is sexy.

Ken Cannon carries off a mustache very well. And he has a high giggle as well. And he has an expensive fast car.  Wow, I never thought of Ken Cannon and Tom Selleck as prototypes before this moment.  What is my large brain up to?

Anyway, back to Magnum P.I. I enjoyed re-watching the series which is filled with humor, nonsense, bad guys, good guys, car chases, automatic weapons, some pathos and considerable hokiness. It never gets too dark, nor did it take itself seriously.  It was good fun to revisit Robin's Nest, the King Kamehameha Club, Higgins, Rick and T.C. and that red Ferrari.  It was like wrapping myself in a warm nostalgic blanket.  I felt safe.

So now I am onto Blue Bloods.  Tom Selleck is beefier, and his character is more serious and not nearly so sexy.  It's about a New York City police family with rivaling tensions as well as loyalties.The scripts are good and so is the acting.  The politics make me nervous. Tom Selleck's politics make me nervous, but despite that I continue to like him.

I like Ken Cannon because of his politics. And he married well.  And the bow ties.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I  raise my half-empty glass to those who struggle for mental health every day of their lives. To those people breathing into paper bags and pillows to stave off  panic attacks. To people who hide behind sagging, stained draperies and refuse to respond to doorbells and who never answer their phones. To people, who find other people's constant cheerfulness overwhelming.  To people who hope to get cancer and die before they kill themselves.

I raise my glass to those who can't stop crying, who hear voices and see visions. To people who cut themselves, because physical pain is preferable to psychic pain.  To people who feel guilty and perpetually responsible for everything and everyone.  To the masses of abused and broken souls who cannot forget.  To people who cannot stop counting, washing their hands, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk, and who cannot stop thinking of death. To people who sleep all day and wander at night.

I raise my glass to the criminally insane, the paranoid, to the angry, the aggressive, the fear mongers, the manipulators, the unforgiven and the addicts.

It's May, people. It's your month!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to make cut flowers last longer

Apartment Therapy ran a pre-Mother's Day test on keeping cut flowers looking fresh longer.  They included tulips, which have a habit of drooping over on day three.  Anyway, they used additives of all kinds, but this is what worked best:  Refrigerating flowers overnight in water--no additives.

And it's working.  Even the iris remain perky.  I should have known, since florists keep all flowers refrigerated.

I love cut flowers in the house.  I love chocolate strawberries and fruit bouquets and Chanel creams and specialty soaps and homemade cards and bright necklaces.  I love all those things.  And I loved watching The Incredibles on the big screen at Charles's house.

Murgatroyd put her arm around me and accidentally grabbed a breast.  Now we'll have to get married.

Three year old Sally was cross and announced, "I'm going to my grumpy room," and disappeared into the living room.

Charles and Erica were happy to have had a forty minute skype with Harrison in Uruguay, where they all grinned at each other.

Tate made faces at me and Rian interpreted.

I like lying about with my family on a Sunday afternoon, listening to them snarking and snorting and trotting off to their grumpy rooms.