Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend update

Saturday, we spent the morning at the Festival of Trees to celebrate the Lucy tree.  Pictures are below.

In the evening, we heard Beethoven's 9th at the symphony, and I'm sorry to say it was disappointing.  The orchestra seemed sluggish as if they'd been beaten down with switches.  The soloists were excellent but they couldn't carry the whole thing, nor could the choir.

Then we walked over to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was unusually noisy with lots of teenagers.  One could smell the hormones.  The lights were lovely as always.

This year's tree sold for $4000. Ole, Sarah.  All proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital.

Lucy on the day of her death.  She was awake all morning to greet all the aunts, uncles and cousins who came to say good-bye.

Sam, Sarah, Elliot Louis and Sally

Louise, Tom and Louis--Louis won the reflections contest for art and received a medal which said on the back, "Louise Plummer."  I had my picture in the paper in 9th grade for an art project and it was labeled, "Louis Roose."  So Louis and I are destined to be interchangable.

The inimitable Sally

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let's hear it for Mucinex

I don't have a television, so I don't know anything about ads anymore, but I just want to sell Mucinex for a few seconds.  Do they sell that on TV?

This means I have to mention mucus or snot.  I got a terrible cold in Pittsburgh and it followed me home.  Nasty, hacking cough and snot everywhere.  Take a Mucinex and it all disappears for a few hours.  It's like a miracle drug.

Sometimes, instead of calling it Mucinex, I call it Metamucil. I'll be telling people about this amazing cold medicine called Metamucil and then they look at me funny.  My enthusiam keeps them speechless for minutes, until they say in stunned voices, "Metamucil works for colds?"

Then I say, "Ha ha ha, I mean Mucinex! Ha ha ha."

Why is m-u-c in both of those product names?  Metamucil has nothing to do with snot.  I think mucil is some bad spelling of muscle.  Meta in this case means denoting something of a higher kind.  So it means a higher kind of muscle movement.  Pretty lyrical.  Gotta love those mad men.

Anyway, got snot?  Go for Mucinex!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day 2014

Ed and Dede cooked our Thanksgiving dinner.  Dede worked in the kitchen and Ed was out in the drive-way, deep frying the turkey while snow fell--Dede saved him by putting up a tent around him. That's what I call a devoted wife.

I made a pumpkin chiffon pie last night and set the table. 

Dede's yam casserole was the best. I always made yams with apples, which no one ever ate, so why did I continue making it?

THE NEW YORK TIMES listed the most recipes searched on the internet for each state.  Number 1 in Utah was funeral potatoes.  No surprise there.  Lots of Midwestern states liked their Snicker salads.  Is that really a salad? Isn't it simply the first dessert?  If a salad can be made with Snickers bars than we ought to classify pumpkin pie as a serving of fruit. That brings up the question of whether a yam is a vegetable if it is covered with melted marshmallows?

The truth is I love all that sugar.  

Pics below are of Ed, Dede, Samantha, Hank and Tom. (Ed spent a good part of the day on the phone, working, so I guess it's really true that corporations are people too).

Monday, November 24, 2014

We're in Pittsburgh

We are at Ed and Dede's house up in Rian's old room. I love this room. It has two large windows, one looking out on a gigantic pine (It's like we live in the tree itself).  The other window looks out at this marvelous old colonial home with a flag flying above the entryway.  I took photos with my iPad but don't know how to transfer it.

Yesterday morning, I went for a walk around the neighborhood feeling right at home in this eastern landscape of hundred year old trees and stone walls .  Someone was playing the pipe organ at the Anglican Church so I stopped in, sat on the back row and listened. A couple of women scuttled about cleaning up the church which had just finished its service. When the organist finished, the two women stopped and clapped.  I smiled and slipped out.

Last night we played a form of charades with the eye phone.  One player puts the phone against his forehead and the word comes up.  His team members give him clues and he is supposed to guess the word on his forehead. The best part is that the phone videos the team players while they are giving clues, so we now have a video of Tom waving his arms erratically and saying wah wah wah--his imitation of a Japanese accent.  All of Japan should be offended.

Tom and I are so clueless about popular culture, we were of little help to our teams.  And even when we knew everything about Tommy Lee Jones or Drew Barrymore, we couldn't come up with the names.  And the category video games was a total mystery to us.  Donkey Kong is so yesterday.
WE are so yesterday.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Harrison flies away from home

Charles, Harrison and Erica

This photo makes me so happy, I could dance the watusi.  Look how joyous they are.  Life just doesn't get better than this.  Harrison is on his way to the MTC in Buenos Aires for six weeks and then onto Montevideo, Uruguay for two years. He's a missionary.  It's a rite of passage.  It's stunning to an old woman to see this repeated in the family and to realize that it matters.

As for the watusi, I used to dance it in my living room to Petula Clark's, "Downtown."  I danced it for Jonathan when he was one and sitting in his little bouncy seat waving his arms to the music.  Who can sit still to "Downtown"?  I'll dance it today for Harrison with a chaser of Excedrin.

Make the world a better place.  Dance the Watusi!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I sing the SOS PAD

Once in awhile I use a product and I think, I should be a spokesperson for this product, I love it so much.  Take, for example, the SOS pad.  The SOS pad is a miracle cleaner for those of us who don't always clean up after ourselves immediately after eating.  Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't.

I'm not just talking pots either.  I clean my stove top with SOS and the granite counter.  Every stubborn, sticky residue comes up.  SOS is sandpaper with soap.  And it smells good too.

I should also like to push Comet or Ajax, products I didn't use for years in place of Scrubbing Bubbles or some other liquid product.  But I have returned to Comet, because it's cheap and it gets the job done.
These products are like me, abrasive.  I like that.  I like abrasive.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sam's birthday celebration

We were first to arrive at Sam's birthday dinner.  I said to the birthday boy, "Take our picture; we're color coordinated."  Because his birthday is all about me.  I'm the one who had to push 10 lbs of Sam out of me.  Natural childbirth.  Why?  Because it makes you feel strong as a gorilla; that's why.

At Sam's request, Sarah made him a rocket cake.  Light the candles and the rocket takes off.  Well, sort of.

I was standing at the tip of the rocket when I first saw it, and said, "Oh, it's a bear cake!"  So there was that mother-in-law faux pas.

The children, large and small, went downstairs to play computer games, which left me playing Tenzi with Sam, Harrison and Charles.  I wanted to organize the die (dice) and never won.  We decided to play two against two.  Charles said, "No one wants Mother on their team."

"Wait," I cried.  "When did I become that person that isn't picked in the first round?  I've never been that person."

Tom said on the way home, "Remember when your parents would come to visit us and we thought they were the old people?"

"Yeah," I said.

"That's us now."