Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grandma and granddaughter

The trouble with being an older grandmother is the unlikely probability of seeing this one into adulthood.  Perhaps from some other world.  Anyway, I'm glad I got to hold Sally Grace while she was  still a neonate.  She is 8 days old in this photo and I am 69 and 1/2.

Keep breathing, Louise.

We go home in the morning.  Right now, we're headed to Lake Pleasant to watch the sun go down.


  1. I like your hair.

    Oh, and Sally Grace is adorable.

  2. YOu have amazing skin Louise and your hands don't have a bazillion liver spots on them. Keep Breathing could be a bumper sticker.

    PS Did Tom take this picture. I want him to take mine too. He captures your beauty but also that wonderful strength behind the smile.

    1. I'll take your photo any time, any place, Bonnie--well, almost.

  3. Two such beautiful women! For some reason, this picture makes me slightly weepy. But in a good way.

  4. You look happy and content. Babies are wonderful. And I think grandmas stick around their grandkids in someway or another no matter where they are, even in another state or another world.

  5. Whoa! You don't look like my grandmother EVER did!
    Additionally, I hope that, upon g/motherhood, I favor you - and not my g/mother.
    And finally, Baby Sally Grace looks remarkably alert for a one-week-old babe.

  6. Sally Grace looks too alert to be only 8 days fresh!

    Sweet, sweet picture, Louise.