Sunday, May 6, 2012

Road trip

Friday and Saturday we drove to Phoenix.  The only other time we have driven to Phoenix, we drove through Las Vegas, which everyone said was "the fast route."  This time we drove the scenic route through Flagstaff and, people, it was stunning.  We drove to Page, AZ where we found a resort on Lake Powell and sat on the balcony looking out at the serene calm.

Next morning we hiked down to a look-out over the Colorado River and met a British couple who were taking a four-hour boat ride up the river.  If we hadn't had a baby to get to, we would have done the same.  Maybe on the way home.

In Panguitch, (which has become chic since I was a girl).

                                                  The Colorado River Basin

Sally Grace is beautiful and makes small mewing sounds that delight us.  I love to stick my nose in her neck.  If only they could bottle that new infant smell.


  1. Try going home on the eastern route (Highway 191) through the Navajo reservation and Monument Valley (with a stop, if you want to entertain yourself, at four corners). One of my favorite drives back--I used to travel to Phoenix quite a bit. You can drive up to Moab and visit Arches (as my husband is also officially a senior citizen the park pass is cheap). Or, another, more scenic but slower route, is to take Highway 95 just before Blanding and drive up through Hanksville. Congrats on the new grandbaby, also!

  2. Did you fit in a trip to Last Chance? Also, I heard when you were here (Gilbert) last, you spoke in the ward right next door to my ward. I can't believe our worlds didn't collide!

    I, too, am happy about the new arrival. Baby girls are the sweetest.

  3. P.S. I think it's you who makes Panguitch look so chic.

  4. My mission president Wayne Owens came from Panguitch. He wore go go boots and drank Dr. Pepper. I'm sure half of Utah did a double take when they discovered a Democrat was serving a mission for the church. We thought he was the best man on the planet; he had the ability to inspire and motivate without ever talking about rules. He would relate formative stories from Panguitch days. I think you and he came from the same batch.

    We will take that trip one day from Canada because we want to bring our dog and they don't fly pets into Phoenix - at least not that I have found yet. Glad to know of different routes and things to see.

    Breath deeply from Sally Grace's perfume.

  5. Louise attempts to make a new friend in Panguitch, only to discover he has a wooden personality.

  6. Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona are the best things about AZ. You can keep Phoenix. Lake Powell is good, too. I am so glad you got a chance to enjoy that part of the country.
    My first grandchild is 6 months old and I agree with you. That new baby smell should be bottled.

  7. I love your smile and whatever that guy is promising you, it's not as good a time as a Plummer will deliver, I'm certain.