Tuesday, July 24, 2012

24th of July Parade

Is there anything more felicitous than living on a parade route?  I think not.  Last night we sat on our balcony and watched people setting up tents and chairs to settle down for a night of waiting for the "Days of '47 Parade."  It began at nine o' clock this morning with a cadre of motorcycle policeman doh see dohing through this intersection in front of our building.  My friend, Christine, (in white) is standing on the balcony next to Kay just above the middle horsewoman's head.

Eleven people watched the parade from two balconies and  a window.  I had water and ice cream sandwiches, but Erica made the big hit by buying orange rolls from the Lion House, which we snarfed down like war refugees.  Floats and bands, horses and clowns all celebrating the Mormon pioneers' entrance into this valley on July 24, 1847.  It is thought that Brigham Young looked out over the valley and announced, "This is the place."  What he actually said was, "It is enough.  This is the right place.  Drive on."

Brigham Young is buried in a tiny cemetary next to our building on First Avenue (as well as Eliza R.Snow), which I suppose why our apartment is called The Brigham.  Thought you might want to know.

After the parade, we walked to Harmons and ate brats and gelato outside.

This may be my favorite holiday.  I've always missed it when I lived outside the state.


  1. I cried inside, then I went to work. It may be my favorite holiday as well, and here in Phoenix it was just another day. Church talks the week of Pioneer day just aren't the same outside of Utah.

    I missed the Liahona band, the Utah Pipe Band, and the energy of the people downtown. I think next year we will need to plan our summer around the 24th.

    1. Yes, next year for sure. It was fabulous.

  2. I like your food traditions as well as the parade tradition. Sounds grand. I grew up in a small Arizona town with a wonderful 24th of July celebration. I miss it.