Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maeve Binchy dies at 72

Irish writer, Maeve Binchy died at age 72.  I am going to miss those books that won't be written.  She was the queen of the intelligent feel-good book.  In fact, I spent all day yesterday reading MINDING FRANKIE after finishing THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLES.

I especially liked TARA ROAD, SCARLET FEATHER and QUENTINS.  Some of those characters showed up briefly in FRANKIE for a funeral.  They are old friends.  I'm sorry I never wrote her a note to tell her how happy she made me.  Rest in peace, dear Ms. Binchy.


  1. A lovely novelist who also appears to have been a lovely human being. RIP.

  2. I've added her to my to read list. I so value your recommendations. P.s. your poppies were so beautiful.