Thursday, July 26, 2012

What makes me happier at home--teeny tiny list


Flowers and plants make me happier at home.  The list below failed to mention them--a gaffe as far as I'm concerned.

I need some books around too--not a roomful--but some favorites.  I have to keep editing them so they don't overtake the apartment.

Listening to NPR makes me feel like I have good friends around.

It helps to keep a package of chocolate chips in the pantry.  Even when the door is closed, I feel their heavenly presence.

I like having various clocks show the wrong time.  It makes me smile.

Despite the fact that sometimes the sight of myself is gruesome, I do think everyone should have a full-length mirror.  I use mine for performance art.

I like Clorox toilet cleaners hidden in the toilet tank.  It smells clean with every flush.


  1. Your house looks sooo clean. That would make me happy.

  2. Louise - I have been away from technology for about 5 weeks and today I spent time catching up on your blog. I just want to thank you! You make me think and smile and sometimes you make me laugh out loud! I feel so lucky that I found your blog and that you keep on blogging. You are wonderful!