Monday, August 27, 2012

Anne and Spencer are married

I've been waiting to pick from a large variety of photos, but so far I haven't seen anything but what I lifted here from Facebook.  They married at three in the afternoon in the S.L. temple, which I liked so much better than those early morning ceremonies including my own.

I didn't hear much of the ceremony, because the man marrying them looked so much like Jonathan Winters, especially when he smiled, which he did a lot, that I had to concentrate on not falling into inappropriate laughter.

The reception at Memorial Grove was all rock and roll.  I wore two inch heels for the first time in seventeen years, danced a little, wandered around a lot, met old students, and sweated like a truck driver changing a tire in the Arizona desert, finally turning a plastic plate into a fan.  The evening ended with a Dutch polonaise, a grand march led by my brother-in-law, Neal Van Keiserswaard, where we ended up circling the bridal couple and tying them together with ribbons.  Spencer's 85-year old grandmother would not be deterred from taking part and made it through without toppling, much to everyone's relief.

I thought I would never see them again, but a week later they were here with their laundry.  Thank heaven, for laundry.

Mr and Mrs. Spencer Allen, their families and those blue shoed bridesmaids !
Anne and her brother, Harrison

Anne with Murgatroyd

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  1. A Dutch polonaise! How fun and memorable. What a beautiful bride.