Monday, August 6, 2012

Under the summer sun

I went to a wedding reception this weekend where the father of the bride, a middle-aged, bald man, sang like Louis Armstrong with the band.  He was spot-on and all of us hoo-hawed and whistled and felt like summer couldn't get any better.

The longest of summers, this summer:  filled with anxiety, floating panic, and indecision. Emotions not comely under a bright sun.

All will be well.

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  1. i have always loved the quote listed on the right about being willing to give up what you have for what you want. That is what is filling me with anxiety, indecision, and panic. I am trying to replace fear with faith but it is a struggle. I so want all to be well. It is a bit reassuring to know that I am not the only being in the world to be filled with these emotions. Thank you for sharing.