Monday, September 17, 2012

Last day of the birthday

Ann Cannon took me to birthday lunch today at . . . it begins with an R.  It's over there by McDonald's on 7th East.  It's Indian food.  I love Indian food.  I could google it, but then you wouldn't appreciate how my 70-year old mind works.  It starts with an R.  Unless it doesn't start with an R.

Any meal with Ann is like a birthday celebration.  She's always a lit candle.  I have known her for twenty-four years.  Our first novels, published a year apart, with the same publisher brought us together.  Actually, Elizabeth Wahlquist introduced us at that first lunch because of aforementioned books.  I loved her immediately.

I lived in her old neighborhood in Provo for ten years, which I now realize was a nice bonding thing.  I knew the Baliffs, the Thomases, the Collins etc, the people she grew up around.  Then we moved to the Avenues and became acquainted with her present neighbors:  Kamaraths and Keddingtons and Katzeaneses.  Don't you love those K's?

Anyway, I loved ending my 9-day birthday celebrations with Ann.


  1. I LOVED Elizabeth Wahlquist, and I'm so glad you reminded me of her. She was one of my faves. I'm so glad your 9-day bday celebration ended with a wonderful friend and writer.

  2. And I have been telling your stories since Monday . . .