Thursday, September 13, 2012

My birthday week

I've been celebrating my 70th birthday for five days.

--Tom and I bought me a jacket and shirt.

--Charles and Erica hosted a dinner for 10 at Trios, with my favorite chocolate cake from
   Bakers de Normandie, a birthday crown, homemade cards, an Obama card,
 and four gorgeous plates from Anthropology.  Wahoo.

--David and Sharon took us to lunch and gave me homemade fudge and chili sauce.

--My sisters decorated the dining room with tissue flowers at card night and had Mark come in his Austrian hat and play Happy Birthday on the accordian, badly, three times.  More cake, this time from Mrs. Backers, with big 70 candles.  Jennifer gave me some of her homemade Lolly cakes.  Toni made me a quilt with pictures of the homemaking skills I don't have.

--I took a large chocolate sheetcake to class on Tuesday:  "I'm seventy.  Sing to me."  And they did.

--Christine and I saw 9 to 5 at the Hale Theater.

I'm not done yet, either.

I knew when I turned thirty, that I could also be forty, fifty, sixty and now seventy.  I've been rehearsing seventy all year long.

I have about fifteen pounds of cake weight gain to lose.  Geez, Louise.


  1. Those are some fantastic birthday week activities. I am also in birthday week. Pedicure and haircut are in my ver near future: both things I never, ever have someone else do for me. But I should. I know. So this week, I will.

  2. Happy Birthday! Also, I'm a huge fan of the Birthday week. One day just isn't enough.

  3. Something is on it's way from me. Maybe it will arrive next week, so you can officially call it "birthday weekS."

  4. Wow, your family knows how to do it up right. And cake weight is OK - it's mentally nutritious.

  5. Oh, Happy Birthday, my friend! If you lived closer, I would stand on your doorstep and sing, "This month is such a special one; it's birthday time for you." You get a whole month, you know:)