Saturday, October 6, 2012

I hope they call me on a mission at eighteen

It was announced in general conference this morning that men can now go on missions at eighteen and women can go at nineteen.  We were at Charles and Erica's discussing this, when Harrison, who is turning eighteen in a few weeks, comes downstairs.  We tell him the news.

"Good, then I can quit high school and go on a mission."

I'm still laughing.


  1. I was pretty surprised with the announcement. Too bad for Harrison that they specified they had to graduated from HS (or the equivalent) :)

  2. What were the ages until now? DO more people go on missions before a college degree, or after?

    Missions fascinate me, the Lutheran.

    1. Trish, young men used to go at 20, then they changed it in the 60's to 19, and now 18. Women have always gone at 21. The change for women to go at 19 is a significant change, because it encourages more of them to go. (Historically, women were supposed to marry while men went on missions.)

      Young men, and now young women, interrupt college for two years and return.

      I lived in Minnesota for 15 years around lots of Lutherans. Loved them.