Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas lights at Temple Square

The night after Thanksgiving, the Christmas lights are turned on downtown and it is as Charles noted, "like fireworks frozen in time."

Our Thanksgiving dinner was the way I like it:  jolly.

Max was thankful for carpet.

Murgatroyd said her ten-year old best friend, Lily, sat her down and told her she thought they should be seeing other people.

Jimmy told about the last night he worked at Chili's where he planned a prat fall with a tray full of food, which he carried out with great drama.  Customers rose from their tables asking if he was all right.  He was covered in gravy, mashed potatoes and fajitas.  He got up and dashed through the emergency exit, which set off the alarms.  Running as fast as he could, he heard his manager calling, "Jimmy, come back!  Come back, Jimmy!"  But he never did.

The teens, Rian, and her friend, Rachel, Janie's grandson, Cameron, Harrison. along with Anne and Spencer (who is not a teenager) sat at one end of the table frequently exploding into laughter.

Sally ate ice cream for the first time.

Sam is growing a beard.

Tom photographed everyone.

And so it goes.

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