Saturday, November 17, 2012

The week in review

Elliot Plummer, age 7,  entered a city wide art/writing contest celebrating the constitution and won first prize.  Here he is with Uncle Sam and the mayor of Peoria AZ--I'm sorry I don't know his name--but I did notice that like a good politician he is the only one looking straight into the camera.  That little smirk on Elliot's face looks both proud and a little wary.  Rightly so.

Speaking of politicians, I am so glad the elections are over.  All that blah blah blathering.  I had my students analyze Obama and Romney websites.  They referred to the president as "Obama" but half of them referred to Romney as "Mitt."

"Mitt?" I snarled.  "Mitt?  Is he your best bud or something?"

Last Thursday I asked them who would give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if I should drop dead in the classroom and was surprised to have about half the class raise their hands.

"Really?" I thought they'd all wrinkle their noses and vomit into their mouths a little.

I've been a bit of nasty Louise this week.  Grey skies.  But mainly I've been watching a dark French TV detective Series called Spiral, where most everyone is corrupt.  I had promised myself I wouldn't watch dark things anymore, but the writing is good and the characters are well developed.  Sucker.

Then, tonight, we saw Samsara at the Broadway Theater, a luscious film of images from around the globe--no speaking, no plot, just images.  Enthralling and life affirming.

It's not winter I don't like.  The two-day snow storm of last weekend was beautiful.  It's the poisonous
inversion that I despise.  The air is thick with toxins.

Colonoscopy scheduled on Monday.  Stay tuned.


  1. Mayor Bob Barrett.

    Oh goodie! I love nasty Louise!

    Colonoscopy -- that's something I forgot to include in the book.

  2. When you feel like your navel is coming out your bottom you will know the colonoscopy prep has worked it's magic.

  3. A week well-lived. Bravo, Louise!

  4. Why would you snarl at students referring to Mitt? I would snarl too, but I'd like to know why you would snarl.