Thursday, December 20, 2012

Flout the festivity

While I was in a period of melancholic madness, B. wrote me an email titled, "Wah Wah Wah."
She wanted a swat in the side of the head to loosen the self pity.  This made me smile, because I was lying on my back hoping the Mayans are right.  I'm tired and I'm ready to meet my maker.  Or not.

B. lives further north and probably hasn't seen the sun for months.  The only sun I've seen is through my sun lamp, which is permanently set on the table where I do my work.  I am pretty sure we were meant to hibernate in the winter, until some obsessive-compulsvie Neanderthal began making lists of what we might accomplish while buried in winter's jaw:  "While we're hibernating, we could be color coding the library books and make bed ruffles for everyone in the tribe."

Except for Spencer, I haven't bought a single gift.  I'm running it up to the last minute.  Living Christmas madness right to the edge of anxiety.

But ho! The sky is blue today.  I have money burning in my pocket.  I live in consumer wonderland.
Get with the program, Louise.  Flout festivity!  Flout!


  1. Having money to burn and spend on Christmas gifts can make all the difference. I wish I had money burning a hole in my pocket.

    In an unrelated question: Is the end of the world going to be in the morning or at night. Do I have to plan dinner? Just wondering.

    1. Emily, I think it's a doughnut day.

    2. Thanks for the slap in the head. And yes F words are complicated. A reminder about the sun was good too. I picked oranges yesterday in Phoenix. Things are looking up.