Friday, December 28, 2012

Our moving history

Since 2004, we have moved six times.  This week we moved right next door in our building.  Moved in, 2010, moved to a bigger place, 2011, moved to a smaller space 2012.  At least we know we're in the right building.

But hey, we've kept the same phone number since 2008.  There's stability for you.

Here's the downside:  no lovely parade-route view.  No Walker Center view either.

Here's the upside:  this apartment is a boatload of money cheaper.  On the morning we moved, I stepped out into the hall and the neighbors' newspaper lay in front of their door with the headline, "Milk prices will rise to $8.00 a gallon."

Wow, I thought, just in time.

Another upside:  moving around in a luxury building is like spring cleaning.  Everything's freshly painted and shined up.

Another downside:  the detritus that builds up over a year is astonishing.  What is with this accumulation even when you think you're not accumulating?  Tom and I edit our books but then buy more books.  Papers of all kinds: art stuff, photography stuff, scrap-booking stuff, teaching stuff.

Rian, our granddaughter, is moving into a dorm up at the U and is taking a huge box of books with her.
Thank you, Rian.

What I do like is moving furniture and pictures about in new configurations and seeing it all with a fresh eye.

 Home is where Tom and I live together.  Nothing else matters much.

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