Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family intervention

During their Christmas holidays, our sons and families helped us move from a large apartment to a smaller one next door.  In the last ten years, we have moved a lot, and needing their help made me anxious.

Anyway, they helped several hours one day, and when they could see that we were going to need more help, returned for a few hours the next day.  They worked hard, and we couldn't have done it without them.

Between these two moving days, I lay awake and obsessed that perhaps they were planning an intervention on us as if we were a couple of drunks.  (There's more than one way to be a drunk).
I imagined it to go something like this:

Alpha male son:  "Sit down, we have something we want to say to you."

Baby son:  "This has gone on way too long."

Nasty-minded son:  "That's what she said."

Alpha male son:  "This moving has got to stop.  It's not responsible.

Baby son: "You've moved six times since 2005.  Twice this year alone.

Nasty-minded son:  Your life time moving average is every year and a half.

Me.  We lived ten years in the Provo house and ten years on Second Avenue.

Nasty-minded son:  You rented the Second Avenue house two and a half years to go live in Bracys house.

Alpha male son:  You lived in that condo on Kennedy Drive a year and a half and sold it.

Me:  I really miss the bubble.

Tom:  We were going to NYC and live there forever.

Alpha male son:  But you only lasted two years.

Me:  I feel like such a failure.

Tom:  Your mother was crippled.

Alpha male son:  That's no excuse.

Baby son:  We should take a jello break.  Mom, do you want the red jello or the green jello?

Nasty-minded son:  No, let's make chocolate chip cookies.  I have it down to a science.

Baby son:  Yeah, you set the cookie sheet on a baking pan so the bottoms don't burn."

Nasty-minded son:  Take them out when they're still white.  They stay soft that way.

Alpha male son:  You guys are dufeses.  Try and stay with the agenda.

Me to Baby son:  Do your chicken walk.  That always makes me laugh.  Have you guys seen him do    the chicken walk?

Tom:  You wanna see my chicken walk, huh?  I can make my chicken walk.

All:  No!



  1. We all miss the bubble.

    Moving is your prerogative. Moving=Living. Enjoy it all you can!

  2. Louise, I just bought the house on Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia.

  3. Yes yes Tom well done. And in three months you can have Canadian Health Care.

  4. Tell all the boys that we have you beat as to moves...and I'm still contemplating. Is your old apartment available?