Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grandpa's glasses

What used to sit in front of this typewriter was a pair of E. Gail Plummer's glasses (my children's grandfather) along with the original leather case. I guess they could be eighty years old.  After we moved, and I had placed the old Underwood next to my desk, I asked Tom if he had seen his father's glasses.

"Sam took them," he said.

"Sam!  But they belong here in front of this typewriter.  I wasn't finished with them.  That Sam--he has a good eye."

"He didn't just take them.  He asked me if he could have them, and I said yes."

"I liked those glasses.  I liked having a bit of your father near my desk."

"I gave them to Sam."


Later, we skype with Sam and I complain at his taking the glasses.

"Yes, I did," he says without remorse.  "Here, you can see them."  He moves the computer into his study where the glasses sit on his desk next to the old leather case.

"Looks very nice, just like they used to look nice in my house," I say.


Grown up children are as devious as young ones.

I have replaced E. Gail Plummer's glasses with an old pair of Thomas Gail Plummer's glasses.  I imagine one of his grandchildren will lift that sometime.

I just realized that Sam's study is also his guest room.  Better keep an eye out when I come to town, Sam.  Keep an eye out.

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  1. I like this.

    Considering that you don't know me this is probably TMI, but who cares: I took a sapphire and diamond ring from my mother's jewelry bowl a few years back. It was patterned after Princess Di's (now the Duchess of Cambridge's) and my father gave it to my mother sometime in the early 80's as a last ditch effort to patch things up before my mother filed for divorce (he was a lousy philanderer). She doesn't care in the slightest that I took it, but I have to double check that it hasn't disappeared every time one of my sisters comes to visit :).

    Your son is smart for taking the glasses when he had the chance. Now he won't have to fight one of his brothers for them!