Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mother's butchy period

Forgive me, Mother, but you definitely had a butchy period.  And this was it.  How old are you here?  Fourteen? Fifteen?  This might have been after your father told you that you could not continue with your schooling and become a teacher.  

"I didn't speak to him for three weeks," you said.

Instead, you became a nanny at the mayor's house.

Maybe you wore your hair this way because it was easy to care for, or because you only washed it once a month.

When I called in shame to complain that Charles got lice in elementary school, you laughed and said, "I had lice all the time."

Mother, I got to do everything I ever wanted to do in this life.  Is that okay with you?


  1. Louise, you don't know me but I've been reading your blog for a long time now. I love your writing and your perspective. And I am absolutely loving these episodes into your history. Thanks so much for making me smile on a daily basis!

  2. Yes, these are great. Keep going, keep going.

  3. What strikes me is how very pretty she was.

  4. Warmth and humor. In her face and in your words. Thank you!

  5. She looks familiar.
    Guilt for the discrepancies of our lives? I've often wondered what they think of us.

  6. I just watched Altas Cloud. Our kindness and evil give birth to the future. YOur mother must have been so proud when you graduated from university, wrote your first and subsequent novels. Were you ever mad at your mom that she didn't disobey her father and do what she really wanted? How did her telling and retelling that story determine your pluck?