Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beach, part II

Look what I found:  Loesje at Katwijk aan Zee (it's labeled on the back), which is a little north of Scheveningen.

My Dutch nickname is Loesje (loosYA).  When Mother called me to the phone, she would always call "Loesje," and my friends, who knew me as Louise would ask, "What did she call you?"  Christine (from high school) still calls me Loesje and so does her husband, Bill.  Dawn Grow in Phoenix called me Loesje, because she knew me from grade school.  The Dutch aunts and uncles called me Loesje.

Anyway, I'm thinking that I look older here than in the photos below.  I'm thinking that we went to the beach two summers in a row and that this is 1947 and below is 1946.

I love this photo, because it shows me in action.


  1. It also shows how beautiful you were.

  2. You are so cute in this picture. What a carefree day.