Monday, February 11, 2013

Lodewijk (Louis) Roos

My father was born December 3, 1916 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  He was the youngest of three children: Dirk his older brother, and Adriana Catharina, his sister.  He called her Sus.

My favorite fact of his early life is that he remembers being breastfed at age 5.  He'd stand on the table and call his mother over when he was thirsty.

I'm determined that no one in our family forgets that.

Below, Louis is standing in front of his first teacher, Ms. Maas, who had a huge influence on his early youth because of her integrity and love of learning.  Louis is front and center, holding her hand.

Who wouldn't love the beautiful Ms. Maas?


  1. These pictures are priceless. And if your dad (as a baby) were a doll, I'd buy him and put him on my couch.

  2. Who does not die laughing reading this blog?

  3. I love these photos. Thank you for sharing them. The teacher, Ms. Maas, looks so kind and hopeful. It makes one wonder what her story was. (And there ya go: a novel to be written.)

  4. I feel that I have seen that picture of Ms. Maas before at the WFYRA writing conference. Could that be?