Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My parents got married

My parents were married in the Breukelen/St. Pieter's Courthouse which was next door to Opa and Opoe Copier's house.  (KohPEER--a French Huguenot name).  The justice of the peace lived in this house, which faced the River Vecht.

My mother, always practical, chose to buy a new suit and hat for her wedding day rather than a wedding dress. 

I don't think I mentioned that my father's name was Lodewijk.  Now there's a Dutch name.  No one ever called him that, and it was legally changed to Louis when he became a citizen.

Mother was Geertje, which no English-speaking person could pronounce, and she changed her name to Gay.

Years later, she regretted this when she was at parties and wore an ID that read, "HELLO, I'M Gay."  In the eighties, she suggested that maybe she should go by "Gert."  We vetoed that one.

  The happy couple in front of the fence at Opa and Opoe's house.

Were they a good couple?  Were they well matched?  Did they like each other as well as love each other?  Did they like sex?

For sure.  No doubt about it.  They enjoyed each other.  They joked.  He barked like a dog.  She sang in Dutch.  He told dumb stories. They arm wrestled.  Sometimes they wrestled on the floor.  Once he sat on her and said he was going to spit in her face.  She laughed like a girl. We older children said, "yes, yes yes!" and the babies cried.  He didn't, of course.

It may be one of life's finer blessings to have had parents who loved and respected each other.

Well, they could have been film writers in Beverly Hills, or opera singers or literary lions, who loved and respected each other.

Pleeeze Louise.


  1. Yes I think that you have been blessed to have parents who loved and respected each other. That bouquet is really something. She was beautiful.

  2. This made me laugh out loud. I never thought of her wearing an ID that said "Hello, I'm gay." I also love it that she bought a suit and hat and not a wedding dress.

  3. Gay and I are similar creatures. I also tried to be practical with my wedding dress (two piece, with ornate top and plain bottom) thinking that I could wear the skirt with other things (I never did). It seemed silly to spend so much on a dress to wear once.
    I love the name Gay. To have a name that means happy almost wills you to be happy, doesn't it?

  4. Your parents seem dreamy!
    I LOVE picturing the wrestling match with children chanting for their father to spit, albeit on their mother.