Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post for T.K.

From my father's photo album, 1937
For the nearly 50 years that we have been friends, I have wanted to send Tony this picture of his grandfather, Heber J. Grant (president of the L.D.S. church from 1918 to 1945) .  This was taken the summer of 1937 in the Netherlands at a Scouting Jamboree.

My father joined the church in 1934 when he was eighteen, so he was twenty-one when this photo was taken.  I don't know who the man in the scout uniform is, nor do I know who the other gentleman is, but the president of the Dutch mission at that time was a Brother Woodland, and this might be he.  It makes sense. [No, that isn't who it is]

Maybe you know who it is, Tony.

Anyway, you know me.  I'm much too lazy and disorganized to have a negative made of a photo and then a new photo from that.  And later, when color copy came in, I forgot.  And then, too, I didn't really own this album until my father died in 2001.  And time has flown by since then.

What I love about this photo in my father's album is that years before I was born, and before Tony was born, my father took a photo of Tony's grandfather while he was touring the European mission.

What are the odds?

And what were the odds that my father would move his growing family to Salt Lake City in 1948?  And what were the odds that we would buy a house a block away from my future husband in 1950?
And what were the odds that my future husband would be accepted to a Ph.D program in German Literature at Harvard where Tony was getting his Ph.D in political science?

And how could I have lived a life without knowing Tony?



  1. So then does your husband know my uncle, Marvin Folsom? He taught in the German Department at BYU and I think he was dean of the department at one time. If so, the world just gets to be a smaller and smaller place.