Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bob Bennion

Our friend, Bob Bennion, died early Wednesday morning at age 86.  Tom painted him for his birthday in January.  Somewhere he is speaking Navaho or telling a terrible joke.  Maybe he is riding a favorite   horse in a landscape resembling Utah's west desert.  If death really does cross into a realm where we meet again Mother, Father and friends long gone, then this is a glorious day for Bob.


  1. I'm sorry your friend is gone, makes me sad.

  2. Bob and Francine always had wonderful dinner parties at which I was the only child. They introduced me to interesting people including Chieko N. Okazaki and Julia Mavimbela who hoped I would serve a mission in Africa. Thanks Bob for tolerating an awkward boy, and being wise.

  3. Oh dear! Bob and Francine Bennion were my favorite teachers at BYU and Bob's introduction to "playing the person you wish you were" psychology changed my life! Their formula for responding to literature had Noel Reynolds holding up my response journal as a "good example" for the rest of the class with a requested copy for other B of M students in the future. I was one of their TA's my second year of college and I helped organize all kinds of groups and field trips because of their examples. I am so sad to hear that he is gone. If you see Francine, please give her my love and condolences.