Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pioneer Day

Today is my favorite holiday of the year--Pioneer Day--which celebrates the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on this day in 1847.  It is celebrated with a two-hour parade that begins on South Temple and turns south on 2nd East and then down 9th South to Liberty Park.  I loved this parade as a child and I still love it.

There is also a marathon that begins in the early morning.  And at night, there's fireworks.  Excellent.

And best of all, we don't have to exchange gifts.

We sat out in front of our building in old folks' chairs with friends, Christine and Bill, drinking water and eating pretzels and howling our appreciation of Clydesdales and Polynesian bands.  Sam and Sarah and kiddies joined us after awhile.

 For lunch, we ate Belgian waffles across from Pioneer Park, and returned to the apartment where Bill read us bits and pieces of Harold Bloom's Genius, which he carries around with him these days.

Hail Pioneers!  Hail Friends!  Hail Family!


  1. I love a parade. This looks pretty upscale compared to the one I attended last year where combines and tractors dominated.

  2. I never saw this parade as a kid, except on TV, so it's exciting to be in the heart of downtown now. My toddler is a huge fan of the Polynesian marching band. She's only old enough to have seen them twice, but she reacted the same way both times. Lots of bouncing to the beat and clapping. Pioneer Day is becoming one of my favorites too. Did you celebrate it when you lived out of state?

  3. This is a favorite of mine too. I've run the 10k every year for nearly half of my life. Best fireworks this side of the Mississippi. I'm too old to camp out though.