Thursday, July 11, 2013

Women need a house of their own

Virginia Woolf didn't go far enough.  She said a woman needs a room of her own.  No, no, no.  A woman needs a HOUSE of her own.  Women need to go off and be alone sometimes.

Around these parts, families often have cabins in the mountains, at Bear Lake or south in St. George.  A perfect getaway for women who are tired of hearing the same puns and jokes or growlings.  A few days, a few weeks is enough to appreciate and remember why you married your man in the first place.

I've been looking through the Utah real estate guide for a clean trailer park, where I could buy a $15,000 trailer for myself.  Tom snorts when I show him these.  "A trailer?  YOU in a trailer?"

"I would make it my own." No holds barred.

He curls his lip when I click on to a new possibility, this one in Logan, and hour and a half drive from Salt Lake City. I will have my trailer, and it will have a desk. The fridge will be filled with liverwurst and white bread and butter and a weeks worth of apples.

I can hear myself saying, "I'm off to my trailer for a few days."  I can hear myself saying,
"Wanna come along?"

What's your getaway dream?
This trailer is on sale for $1000 in Centerville, just 20 minutes north.  Gee, what a bargain.


  1. A small, sound-proof studio in a big city. Or a house with a sauna in a lake in Scandinavia.

  2. No fooling, I have been there more than a few times. Years ago I saw a tiny studio-ish kind of house in my neighborhood for sale. It was only $12,000 and had its own driveway, large front porch ( half as big as the house!) and cute fenced yard. I instantly feel in love and knew this could my clubhouse. I gathered a few girlfriends and we snuck over to the house and peeked in all the windows. We talked about who could get a bank loan to buy the place and what we would do with it. We decided that the point wasn't to get together and visit, the point was for each of us to have a place to get away. We thought a monthly timeshare schedule would be perfect. Our plan was made, but before I could even call the realtor about it, a SOLD sign went up on the place.
    I was envious of the new owner of my cottage I couldn't bear to drive pas the place for almost a year. I bet I wasted at least two tanks of gas taking the long way out of the neighborhood just avoid seeing someone else living my dream.

  3. I would love a stone cottage somewhere remote in Scotland with view of water and a huge fireplace!

  4. Mmmm...all of those sound nice especially a cottage by the sea but then I worry about being murdered in my bed if I am there all alone, I really shouldn't read murder mysteries. I have been following the tiny house movement for some time now and often daydream about having one all to myself or a treehouse because I could then indulge one of my childhood fantasies like the castaway family in the old Disney movie but then I realize it would probably be in the backyard and I can hear myself also asking them to come and hang out and then they would never leave. What's a girl to do?