Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I just had me a piece of Cadbury chocolate.  I have done nothing today but lie on my bed and watch episode after episode of CSI: NY.  I like Gary Sinise and the Greek chick.  I am not depressed but merely overwhelmed with the mess that is our apartment.  I know I should LEAVE THE HOUSE, but that means I would have to bring my hair under control.  It looks like I stuck a finger in an electrical outlet.

Tom is in the living room staring at real estate in Nova Scotia.  Zombies.  We're zombies.  Aimless zombies.  Old zombies.  Old old zombies.  Dead skin falling off onto the carpet.

What would Jesus do?


  1. OK. OK. I promise to vacuum up the dead skin.

  2. Jesus would move to Canada. And live in the house next door to me.

  3. Jesus would probably sell all his possessions and give to the poor then knock on peoples' doors, say he's Jesus and ask for food and shelter. He'd probably be well taken care of for awhile. You could give it a whirl. You might want to comb your hair first though.

  4. WWJD? has never made me laugh before. My daughter sitting in the next room wants to know what's so funny. Louise is so funny. I have been eating Dove chocolate promises and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Once I got past my initial visual aversion to the demons, I began to love it. I'm on Season 4, Buffy Goes to College. I should finish cleaning my oven, taking care of the laundry, cleaning off my desk and that pile of stuff on the kitchen counter, since the semester starts Monday. Probably I will just stay up too late watching another episode or two before I have to go back to trying to stay awake while reading about accounting.

  5. WWJD? I don't know... I keep asking my kids this to get them to stop fighting. One morning they were fighting over the last pancake (even though they both had 3 stacked + syrup.) So I said, "What would Jesus do?" My oldest sighed, "He would give the last pancake to his brother." Then he turned to my youngest and said, "Greg, you be Jesus."

    So... I don't know...ask Jesus to send A-Mary-Poppins-type-angel over for an hour? It's only an hour.

  6. You need some better chocolate than Cadbury. Jesus would go find Martha to help you vacuum.

  7. Haha! Great post!

    Jesus would probably play zombie pranks on people.

    Jesus: "I want to eat your brains!"
    People: "What? I thought you loved us!"
    Jesus: "C'mon, guys. You've been having my blood and body every Sunday for centuries!"