Friday, September 6, 2013

News at Daybreak

1.  My sister, Janie, called to say that she is marrying the man with the alphabet letter name, and moving to Seattle.  It's a good thing, people. Not only does Alphabet Letter live there, but so do all her grandchildren.  So at 68, she is beginning a whole new chapter of her life.  Wahoot.

Secretly, I am sad as hell that she is leaving town.  What about card night?  How could she leave card night?  How could she leave us and cleave unto someone else?  Moan, moan, whine, whine.

2. Murgatroyd, (eleven) skateboarded over to our house this week and helped carry out empty boxes to the garage.  She returned the next day and helped clean up the apartment in Salt Lake.  I think Tom and I may have scared the juices out of her when we opened the front hall closet to find it full of stuff and
yelled, "shit" in unison.  Grandparents should be jolly.  They should be Jolly like Murgatroyd herself, who sings while she works.  "She sounds like Cinderella," Tom said.  Thank you, Murgatroyd.

3. Tom and I have a vacuum disagreement.  He likes the all-powerful, high testosterone version with bags and extra equipment that I never use.  He says, "I vacuum; I choose the vacuum cleaner."  So he  bought this big thing with long cords, and sure enough, he vacuums every three weeks or less.

Grrr.  I think vacuums should be light, portable, bagless, and cheap, so you can throw it away and buy another one.  I bought one of these--12 pounds--and I can vacuum the stairs with it and anything else, and I get to see the dust inside the plastic barrell add up, and know that I am the vacuum queen.

My mother vacuumed every day.  I think twice a week is good.

4.  Tom takes the Frontline train to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I drive him to the station in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon.  I imagine he will park and drive after we're settled.  When I wait for him in the lot, I think I've turned into a Connecticut housewife and Tom is the MAD MAN.
Yesterday, he missed the bus to the train and I drove down and picked him up.  We had Haagen Daz bars at the Get and Go, so it was a party.

5.  Yesterday we set up the TV and VCR in the bedroom and began watching BAND OF BROTHERS again.  We have cut the evil Comcast out of our lives.

6.  We lie, exhausted, in our beddy at night and say we will never move again.  Who would take that bet?  Not me.


  1. We say we'll never move again, but to date, we've been members in 3 of the 6 wards in our stake. We'll move again.

  2. Hurrah for Janie. There is hope...

  3. True Story: they vacuum the temple every sixth session. The fellow assures us who have come to clean that it is dirty. We don't believe him. He shows us the half full bag at the end of the night. The next time you are sitting in the celestial room be very thankful for powerful vacuum cleaners that pick up hair and skin and fingernail clippings. Seriously.

  4. I leave all vacuuming to my husband but because in Sweden they only have stupid models not like the ones I grew up with in America so I tell him I just cannot manage with it and he does it for me!

  5. My house is 90% hardwood. I love that I don't have to vacuum and it doesn't bother me a bit that I have to mop it once a week. I'll take that over vacuuming any day.