Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stripping tables and saying good-bye

On Saturday, I stripped the dining room table.  It is a solid walnut, and the natural color is so beautiful, I'm only going to seal it rather than stain it.  I wouldn't have done it if Dede hadn't told me about the "orange" stripper, which doesn't strip your lungs at the same time.

The legs are curved and I'm having them dunked in solution rather than stripping them myself.  Or rather Tom will do this while I am in NYC next week.

Yes, I'm going to NY next week.  A friend offered me her apartment while she is in Europe and I found a reasonable plane fare.

I may be going to say good-bye.  I always assume that I will visit my favorite places again, but I can see that that may be fantasy.  I thought I would go back to the Maritimes and I don't think now that I ever will, and I didn't say good-bye properly.

Saying good-bye means seeing everything in an enhanced way and realizing that the eight summers you got to spend there were magical.  And gone.

Saying good-bye usually means weeping your way through personally important locations.  It involves public sniveling and a runny nose.

I will also look at real estate that I've found online, because that is what I like to do.

It will all be good.


  1. Maybe you won't have to say goodbye to New York. Maybe your friend will fly off to Europe again:). In the meantime, enjoy.

  2. That orange stripping stuff is magic. I have used it and was pleased to think, "Not only am I not going to get cancer from this orange stuff, it is so healthy it is probably curing whatever cancer I already have so that makes it a real value." It really appeals to my budget-minded side.
    Have you found the website It is photos about terrible places to rent in NY. Whenever I feel bummed about never having lived in NY I look at a few of the worst room listings and realize I have it pretty good with my whole house in the midwest for the same price as a nasty room in NY. Perspective is everything. While you are in NY you should go look at terrible real estate listings along with the beautiful ones. Too many NY glamour shots just make the rest of America jealous.

  3. You have a really generous friend! (Granted, you are helping her/him out as well.)

    I just purchased an antique, maybe walnut, maybe mahogany, spindle bed frame. 3/4 size (read: no mattresses fit this size.) Happily, that Spouse o' Mine is a wood-working wonder. (Not to mention, on Day 11 of Compulsory Unpaid Leave). He thinks he can either make it into a full-size Wonder (mattress, of which we have), or another fine piece of artwork.

    Do have fun next week. Road trips are music to the souls, yes?

  4. And, by the way, ...
    I hope you are planning to regale us with your NY week experience, as it happens. Yes?