Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MacBook down

I don't think they make my MacBook anymore and this past week, it was back into the shop.  The electrical connection between the power cord and the computer stopped working for the second time and I was without, as they say.

Actually, Charles loaned me his I-pad, but typing on an I-pad is ridiculous, so I dropped the blog for a week.  What I did do on that I-pad is watch the first season of Hart of Dixie, which is a super fuzzy wuzzy sit-com that takes place in the fictional BlueBell, Alabama.  But the characters are so so pretty and Lemon (the blonde one) never wears the same beautiful outfit twice

Plus there is some amazing sexual tension.  I couldn't help myself.

Also, I ate a huge cake last week.  I began a diet, but had to buy a huge cake for Card Night, only it wasn't Card Night, so I had to eat the cake a quarter-inch at a time all week long.  I gained two pounds.

Last night was Card Night and I bought another chocolate cake and half of it is left, because I forgot to give it away.

It was Janie's last night at cards.  She's getting married this Saturday and moving way north of here.  I expect never to see her again.  Already, she is wearing horse-related clothing.  She actually talks about horses.  So wrong.

Also, my back went out.  I still cannot bend over.  It's an improvement.  Over the weekend, I couldn't stand up straight.

Also, we went to Nampa, Idaho to see Katelyn get baptized, which was a lovely event.

Time to "man-up."  Whatever the female version of that is.


  1. I am sad for you! Your back went out, your computer is on the frizz and your sister likes horses. I say you deserved the cake. Two pounds are nothing. I gain two pounds just drinking water. You will lose your cake weight in your sleep.
    I am happy you went to Idaho for a baptism but I can only imagine how sitting in the car felt on your back.Ouch.

  2. Where's the moon? Where's the moon?! Saturday morning I did my regular morning yoga-and-stretches, after which, I felt pretty darn good. So I bent over and TOUCHED MY TOES. And I fell to my knees, on the ground in abject lower-back distress.

    So Saturday, I was lying around. Sunday, I was sitting around. Yesterday and today, moving slightly about, but so afraid to do anything more than read Architectural Digest and The Economist.

    You and I are apparently doing the same things wrongly, or are in the wrong orbit of whatever casts the random back outage. So sorry for your pain. I do indeed feel it, and am indeed trying to man-up. To you, too.

  3. Diet Schmiet. My mother worried her whole adult life about her weight until now. She eats several cookies each day and has radar for sweet things. She's happy. Diets make you grumpy.

  4. Chocolate cake has healing properties for back pain. Didn't you know? You'll see improvement soon. Thank the frosting. That's the most potent part.

  5. Your post reminds me of the following exchange (which I only wish I'd written myself):

    M: We just totally spur of the moment decided to get out of the city…
    E: …Good… (doing her character's sensational hand gesture which I've come to call the 'brush 'n' slice') Um, honey (brush, brush, brush), does Harry have a… robe (slice)…? ….Um, Harry, I’m sorry. I apologize about the near arrest.
    H: Oh, you were very impressive. Very strong. Very, uh, macho.
    E: I don’t think I was exactly… macho.
    H: Trust me, if I ever catch a guy in his underwear in my refrigerator, I hope I’m half the man you were, Mrs. Uh….. Mrs…. Uh...
    E: Right. Okay. Whatever. (Doing the gesture again, this time just with her eyes.)
    H: Alrighty then. I’m definitely gonna hit the road…