Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On my desk: a list

--SunTouch Plus light (for SAD)

--reading lamp

--framed engagement pic of Mother and Dad

--a blooming African violet

--scotch tape

--a tiny turquoise electric fan

--a mug with blue pigs and "Cochon" across the front.  It's filled with pens and pencils.

--a plaster of Paris imprint of Lucy's foot

--a tiny cage with a wooden red bird in it

--a wooden clip with a lady bug on top

--a torn piece of paper with my handwriting in orange pen: "How do we get over ourselves and allow God to heal us?"

--a nail clipper

--two one-dollar coins

--a small watercolor on Yupo (mine)

--a lesson manuel on Joseph Fielding Smith

--two nails

--postage stamps and address to send two paperbacks to ALAN for the Hipple Collection of Young Adult Literature (long overdue)


  1. I wish my desktop was as interesting! It's mostly a clutter of paperwork, unopened mail, recharge cords and computer connectors. How boring!

  2. Today's poem reminded me of your desk list, in journal form: