Friday, February 7, 2014


It began with lunch with Ann.  Always a good idea.

It continued when I walked through City Creek and Anne, my granddaughter called to me.  She works in Steve Madden, saw me, said, "There's my grandmother!  At least, I think it's my grandmother."  She chased me down.  She looked gorgeous.  She's got a smile that could wither an ogre.  I went back and met her co-workers.  Seeing Anne, even for three minutes, is sublime.

It continued when the clerk at Macy's said to me, "Oh, I see you're wearing your red coat!" with high enthusiasm.  Why did she care so much?  "I always wear this red coat," I said.  It turns out Macy's was having a red sale.  Wear red and you get an extra 15% off your purchase.  I looked, but I didn't buy.  I'm learning to find considerable satisfaction in looking and not buying.

It continued when KBYU played Beethoven's 5th piano concerto.  That first chord brings tears to my eyes.

It continued when I picked a bathroom tile for Ed and Dede's rental house on Douglas Street.

It continued when I dropped off Tom's shirts at the cleaners on 17th South.  I told the lady that even though I'd moved to South Jordan, I still came into SL once a week because $1.49 is the best deal around bar none.  A little smile appeared on her weary lips.

It continued because Tom was home and glad to see me.  "Go to Pixels with me," he begged.  We picked up two prints that he'd sold.  And he bought me a little Canon point-and-shoot for my trip.  It has no delay!  They fixed the delay!  I've been complaining about the delay for years.

It continued through a fine steak dinner and a movie from Netflix, An Education.

Some days, happiness just surrounds you.  The hardest thing I've learned is not to question any of it.


  1. I'm giving a workshop on Happiness for the Stake Relief Society Conference in March. Do you mind if I use this Louise. It makes the point the point I want to make.

  2. How lovely, I think coming home to someone happy to see you is one of the greatest things in life.

  3. So, so fabulous, Louise. Thank you.

  4. Carey Mulligan is playing Bathsheba Everdene in the film version which seems to be coming out this year. In An Education, I wonder if her character would go back and change anything that happened. The song lyrics that play while the credits roll suggest she would. But I wonder. It was not an easy film for me to watch in 2010. My favorite bit was when she picked up the banana. "Room service!" Very funny.

    I think your granddaughter, Anne would be friends with my nieces, Leah and Ariel. Gorgeous gorgeous people.