Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hostess with the mostess

Last week Friday, Tom and I threw a small dinner party.  We rarely do this anymore.  We rarely do anything that makes us break into a sweat.  I'm not kidding.  Tom and I refuse to sweat.

So today is Thursday, and I just cleaned up the very last hints of that dinner party.  I know it's shocking.  Tom put in the first load of dishes and said, "I'll clean this up," but he didn't.  He didn't really want to.  I didn't want to.  We didn't care about the semi-mess in the kitchen.  Instead, we sat in front of that fire we're liking so much these days.

The next day, I put in another load of dishes.

I hand-washed the silver.  I kept eating pickled olives from the dish I left out on top next to the radio.

Today I washed and folded the white napkins and put them back in the drawer.  I looked at my kitchen: clean.  Six days to clean up after a small dinner party.

That said, I loved having people over to our house.  It's easier to hear each other than meeting at a restaurant, which is what we are more inclined to do.  And then, too, good friends bless a house, and sustain us with good feelings in the days that pass.  Even longer than it takes to clean up.


  1. You've described my dinner parties, infrequent but friendly, not totally cleaned up for days. Definitely enjoy the conversations more around our dining table than in a noisy restaurant, which most eateries seem designed to be these days.

  2. I can attest to Kay's hostess skills. Always good chats around the table. I'm sure your party was lovely.