Thursday, March 27, 2014

So far so good

This week, Murgatroyd spent a sick day with me.  We sat in bed together and watched Sabrina and American President.  She took selfies of herself and my doll, which looks like a baby, and sent them to her friends.  Erica brought us chocolate doughnuts.  A very good day.  I never got out of my nightgown.

Yesterday, we had lunch with Rian at Trio's to celebrate her 20th birthday.  We stopped at Gardener Village, which Rian had never seen.  I bought a vintage table cloth. Then we lay around the living room listening to This American Life's episode on concidences. I painted birds at art class that night.  Very good day.

Last night, we finished watching the HBO John Adams series.  What a pair of busy, dutiful bees he and Abigail were.  I would have been an alcoholic, too, if I'd been their child.

The pear tree in front of my house is sprouting enthusiastically.  A robin sang me a solo this morning.  There is a piece of chocolate silk pie in the refrigerator.

A good day so far.

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  1. Lovely days. It was you I think who wrote on the apron stage: "Jung was right about EVERYTHING." The challenge, for me at least, has been the one of 'how I attend to and interpret all this sometimes maddening synchronicity, is up to me.' I love that a robin sang you a solo.