Monday, April 28, 2014

Flying high

I flew to the Netherlands sitting next to my favorite Uncle Joe, who in a loud voice, regaled me and a large section of the airplane with stories of his aging prostate.  He also told me of other uncles' prostates.  It was a kind of describe and compare audio essay and involved balloons and push triggers to emit an inadequate amount of urine.  Some of my fellow passengers were horrified but were soon soothed by his excellent singing of Dutch songs and yodeling.  He also shot up insulin, but I don't think anyone but me was aware of this.

He's 86 and can do what he wants.

We arrived early in the morning at Schipol, rented a Volvo and were off to our B&B in Breukelen.

Joe went off with his kin to other parts of Holland five minutes in an easterly direction.

Sometimes, I know how to work this iPad, and sometimes I don't.  So this will be a wobbily telling of my journey.  Five minutes ago, I uploaded photos and now that gift has been taken away.  The Lord giveth and so on.

More tomorrow.


  1. You have my rapt attention. I just came off a trip with my 86-year old parents, who are lovely travel companions. And funny, too.
    Veilig reist ... uit een Van Valkenburgh.