Monday, July 21, 2014

Eating dried kale

I'm sitting at my desk with a plastic container of dried kale--Brad's raw crunchy kale to be exact. According to the package, it is organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher and verified non GMO.  Also, there is some banana, coconut and dried pineapple in there too.  I think it must be the yellowish stuff that I was hoping was cheese.

Brad's photo is on the bottom of the package: square jaw, white hair, a dimple in his chin  His story is that he adopted a "raw diet" and lost 40 lbs and overhauled his health.

Losing 40 lbs would be nice.

When I bought this, I brought it out when Tom and I sat down to watch a movie.  "I bought some healthy munchies," I said.  I set the dried kale between us.

"What's kale?" he asks

"Some really really healthy green vegetable.

He's always willing, so he tries a few mouthfuls.  He shoves the container closer to me.  "I think I've had all I'm going to have of that," he says.  "It's not going to replace potato chips."

And that's why I'm sitting at my desk with this kale.  It's been a whole weekend and I'm determined to finish it off.

 Honestly, I imagine my own urine tastes like this.  Hats off to you, Brad, but no thanks.


  1. I've only liked kale served two ways: in a smoothy (green because of the kale, but flavored with strawberries and banana) and kale "chips" baked in the oven (not bad but it's not going to replace potato chips).

  2. I am not keen on kale chips or kale smoothies. I am, however, very keen on cooked kale. We once had a Brazilian student stay with us, and she taught me how to cook feijoada (look it up!), served with kale, orange slices, and cassava. We eat kale regularly now.
    And the feijoada? Our kids tell us they think of it as "comfort food" from their childhoods. (I must have cooked it a lot?)

  3. I like kale salad with red onion, pine nuts and cranberries. Mash a whole avocado into the salad and add the juice from one lemon. Finish with lots of pepper and salt. I promise you will be going for seconds.

  4. Watch comedian Jim Gaffigan on Kale on youtube sometime. It is pretty funny.

  5. I tried to eat peppers and hummus instead of chips. I think the gag reflex getting activated is a sign I'm trying too hard. And Kale makes me have stinky goat burps.