Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Burraston Ponds in Mona UT

Or as Tom says, BurrASSton Ponds.  "That's the way they pronounce it in Mona."

Sure they do.

I think it was in Santaquin that we began seeing signs for The Young Living Lavender Farm and theYoung Living Family Farm.  As opposed to dead lavender and a dead family. Words are important, people.

We stopped at the Rowley Red Barn and bought a huge can of dried onions.  We could have bought ice cream or a berry pie, but we bought dried onions.  I can't account for it.  We took a couple of pictures of ourselves and agreed that we should cut down on food altogether.

Mona is a clean and tidy town with a terrific view of Mount Nebo to the east.  To get to Burraston Ponds, you turn left on Main Street and when you get to Gaydean Sweet Art Bakery, begin clocking 1.6 miles and then turn right.  The ponds are in a lovely grove of trees.  We drove along, found a great spot, took out the old people chairs and sat in the sun for more than an hour.  There is also a place with a rope dangling down where kids hurl themselves out into the water, but it was very quiet on Monday.

I was looking for bluebirds, because the only bluebirds I saw this summer were females and they are not blue all over.  They're a dull gray/brown on top.  When I told the universe I wanted to see a bluebird this summer, I should have been specific about male bluebirds.

We stopped for an overcooked hotdog on the way home and listened to NPR.  A perfect day.

Our feet.  Tom's the one with the delicate ankle.  I'm the one with the cankle.

Where we sat

Killroy was here.

Tom with can of onions and package of something we didn't buy.

But it's all right if you kill old people.


  1. I know when I do the laundry my husbands jeans are so much slimmer than mine!

  2. You know Young Living is the name of a company, right? I was thinking it was inescapable in Utah. That, and doTERRA.

    Please keep traveling and sharing. I am living vicariously through you.

    1. Young Living is a company. No, I didn't know that. Oops.

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  4. Tom's delicate ankles are adorable as are your cankles.

  5. Cankle smankle. You have awesome hiking boots.