Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How depressed are you?

I like to know just where I stand with my mental illness on a scale of one to ten.  Say that Shirley Temple, age 5, singing and dancing and smiling with dimples is a ten and Robin Williams is a zero.
Where, I wonder, am I on that scale?

Months ago, I asked my therapist, Dr. Magic, that question and he told me that deeply depressed people sleep in the day and are up at night.  "You see them late at night at Walmart wearing blankets," he said.
"They're buying dinner: potato chips and chocolate."

I look skeptical.

"Look it up on the internet," he said.

So I did.  And there they are.

"I never leave the house without lipstick," I said.  Of course, I can't see these womens' faces.  Maybe they're wearing lipstick too.

Where are you on the scale?


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  2. Maybe the people in blankets are no longer trying not to be depressed. You know how you range between trying to fight it off, trying to get better, and the hopeless spot where there is nothing to do but wear blankets at Wal-Mart. Since your therapist has seen them in real life, he was probably wearing a blanket in Wal-Mart, too- potato chips in hand. I am still putting on lipstick.

  3. It depends on the day. But I'm a morning person, so my depression will have to visit Walmart without me. . . maybe that's why I wake up without my blanket sometimes.

  4. I started to reply here, and I thought, Wait! This is Blog-Lengthy!
    So stay tuned elsewhere.
    (I might be an 8.89?)

  5. I try to avoid going to Walmart because if I wasn't already depressed before I walked in, I definitely will be by the time I leave.

  6. I'd have to be pretty depressed to put up with the lines at Wal-Mart, regardless of the time. Poor people

  7. I rate myself a 9 or 10 but maybe I am in denial because I ate a whole pint of Tolenti last night which must be like wearing a blue furry blanket.

  8. For me, I'll know I've hit rock bottom if I ever find myself inside a Walmart. You still wear the same shade (or close to it) of lipstick you wore when I first met you. It's perfect and I'm glad you still wear lipstick all the time.