Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Committing to Yoga and trying not to laugh

Olivia Birdsall wrote to tell me that yoga instructor, Rodney Yee, had moved down the block from her in Manhattan.  If I lived in Gramercy Park, I'd invite old Rodney over to show him my progress
in following his video.  Maybe, I'd put a bra on and wash my hair and wear long sleeves, but maybe not.  I think I could put a smile on his face.  He'd be oh so polite. I'd serve him English black tea.

I committed to yoga by buying a mat and a block.  Originally, I thought the carpet would be enough, but the truth is that you slide on the carpet. I refused to buy specialty workout clothes, but found what I'm wearing in a bottom drawer along with my swimming suit and goggles.

I should commit to losing twenty pounds, but I haven't put that on the list yet.

Thank you, Syl Carson, for inviting me to Monday morning yoga class.  Maybe, when I've practiced enough with old Rodney . . .

Look, I can move my foot.
I'm either falling or talking to the floor.
Why am I leaning?
dog's behind

Is this a yoga pose?

Notice the position of the legs--bahhaaaaah!