Friday, February 20, 2015

Setting an example for the grandchildren

Louis Plummer at his kindergarten graduation
Sarah invited me to Louis's first grade class to talk about the Netherlands, which is the culture they're studying this year.  I showed them pictures of my grandparents and their house in Breukelen.  "Isn't it beautiful?"   Then as an aside I said, "They moved from there to a stupid little duplex on 5th East."

Sarah heard Louis turn to the friend next to him and whisper, "My grandma always says bad words."

Apparently, "stupid" is a swear word in first grade even if it's attached to a duplex.

I don't want you to think that he's ashamed of me, because believe me, he loves it when the old lady turns subversive on his parents.

Boys need to be taught good behavior, yes; but too much "yes ma'am," "no ma'am," and "thank you, ma'am," and they begin slugging the dogs.

I know that the word "butt" is a boy's best friend and so is a silly grandma.

I'm off for the weekend.  Tom and I are going to catch up with a couple of films before The Academy Awards on Sunday.   See you on Monday!


  1. Too much "yes ma'am?" My kids have never said that to me...

  2. That is hilarious. "Grandma says bad words". LOL! My mom has a specific string of them that she shouts. I apparently inherited them because they come out when I stub my toe or a cop pulls me over.