Tuesday, March 17, 2015

7 Things you should have as an adult

This is according to Apartment Therapy:

1.  a good bed (not a futon). Okay, I'm good with that.  Although, you could skip this and buy a used car.  And you could sleep in your car.

2. Someone or something to take care of.  I think the sooner you can get rid of the whole caretaking business, the better.  Although AP goes so low as to suggest taking care of a plant is good enough.
Give me a break.  I'm wondering if you can be past adulthood and into half dead and not deal with this list at all.

3. A supportive desk chair.  What if you don't use a desk?  What if you lie on your good bed and make drawings with your eyes on the ceiling? What if you're an electrician or a dog walker? What if having a good bed means you can't afford any of the rest of the things on this list including a plant?

4. Some forever furniture or art.  This does not have to be expensive. You can steal it.

5. Proper tools.  Stop borrowing tools from your father or your neighbor.  Or like the rest of us, don't return the proper tools, so that you have your own set.

6. Cash. You should have cash to pay for pizza tips, babysitters and bribing your children. You should also have cash around for the big "quake," because credit machines won't work.  People will want cash.  Unless, of course, someone realizes how useless cash is and then they'll want 1) sugar, 2) chocolate and 3) a good bed.

My father had a safe built into his basement wall and kept $10,000 in it.  Now, he's dead.

7. Quality linens.  Take out a loan and buy high-quality sheets and pillowcases and have extra sets for guests or to change out on laundry day. 


  1. Ahh I guess maybe at 40 I will be close to this list and adult like because at 30 I have one with a husband to take care of...

  2. I agree with #6 and #7. Must have cash and quality linens. Truthfully, I feel embarrassed by my low-quality linens only when I stay with someone who has the Egyptian cotton, 600-thread dealios. Maybe I don't feel so bad about my linens after all--until someone else has better ones. So I guess I'm still a child.