Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is there anything happier than a stageful of tap dancers?

Murgatroyd as Jasmine in Shrek, the Musical at anonymous middle school
The granddaughter, Murgatroyd, sang and danced her heart out tonight in Shrek, the Musical. Anonymous Middle School has one terrific director.  I hope they're paying her what she's worth, because this show was fabulously entertaining.  There is nothing like a lot of well-done singing and dancing to lift the spirits.  And nothing makes me happier than a stage full of tap dancers.

We all need to tap dance more!  I'm buying me a pair of tap shoes.  We should buy tap shoes for everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, in Yemen, in Syria, and Afghanistan.  Save the world!  Drop tap shoes from airplanes onto unhappy countries.  Drop wigs and chiffon gowns and Shrek heads.  Turn the world into a chorus line! 

Dance, people, dance!


  1. 🎶 Start spreading the news... 🎶

  2. Methinks I see a peach rose. A stageful of tap dancers sounds delightful. Like Spring rain. As I was saying to Tom just yesterday, I've (sort of) reconciled myself to the idea that inspiration is somewhat crazy-making. Tap Tap Tap. Bloom Bloom Bloom.

  3. I remember having ideas like that (a juke box! they need a holiday that involves a May pole!) while reading this book, which I enjoyed:

    Your blog posts are pretty much perfect. xox