Monday, April 6, 2015

If you take no photos, did it even happen?

That is the question.  If I have no Easter photos, did it even happen?  Did twelve favorite people eat dinner at my house?  Did the little kids hunt for eggs in the front yard?  Did we crowd together on the front porch?  Did Tate and Rian take a photo in front of the flowering pear?  And where is that photo? Did we eat Sarah's carrot cake and my chocolate cheese cake?  Did Sally look good enough to eat in her black and white sunsuit?  Did I give Spencer a hammer?  Did Murgatroyd put her head on my shoulder? Did everyone like Sunday morning conference? Did Tom take a nap on his bed in the middle of it all? Did Erica laugh musically? Did Elliot and Louis watch a movie on the computer? Did I get a hug from Charles and Sam?  Did Anne grow up? Did they all get in their cars and drive away?

They're gone, Tom said.

They're gone, I said.

They're gone.


  1. I didn't take any pictures, either. But I know it all happened because I just ate some leftover cheesecake while hiding from my family, Sally left her shoes there, and the image of her sitting at her own little place setting in that red chair is not leaving my mind anytime soon. Thanks again for a lovely day.

    1. Sally, in black and white, sitting on a red chair. Sounds like a painting!