Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Visiting Dutch uncles and aunts

Louise, Om Joe (Dicou) and my sister,Janie.  He is 86.  He said he couldn't yodel anymore, but then he did.
Om Gov (Govert Copier), Tante Toni (Antonia) and Tante Fred (Frederika)  Ages 95, 92, 90.
My cousin, Anya Bateman, Om Gov, et.al.
Painting of Dutch scene given to Om Gov and Tante Fred for their wedding 70 years ago.
If I had to develop a theory of longevity based on  my mother's family, it would be tell a joke, laugh, sing loudly, yodel, enjoy eating, stay in bed a little longer,  recite memorized poems in Dutch, tell old stories and have a beer occasionally.

Tante Fred made Anya, Janie and me sing Om Gov's favorite hymn, "Where Shall I Turn for Peace,"
because the writer, Emma Lou Thayne, who wrote that hymn, was his friend.  We three sang alto, and he actually conducted us from his bed.  Performance is everything.  Well, it is for performers.

I've never had a beer.  I wouldn't consider myself a beer girl.  Last year, I tried some kind of champagne cocktail just for the fun of breaking a rule.  It was okay, but I prefer Dr. Pepper.  I plan on breaking quite a few more rules now that I'm old.  Nothing serious.  Nothing depraved.  No felonies. Nothing that will hurt anyone.

I plan to keep on loving those I love and ignoring the hateful.  I plan to keep on looking for what is beautiful.  It's everywhere.

I'm not giving up swearing, though.


  1. This is great stuff. "He said he couldn't yodel anymore, but then he did." That's my favorite. That and the swearing bit. And the bit about performers.

  2. 70 years married. Jeepers. What's the secret? You all look beautiful, with a twinkle in your eyes.

  3. Love your writing and your perspective on life. Wish I knew you well.