Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to make cut flowers last longer

Apartment Therapy ran a pre-Mother's Day test on keeping cut flowers looking fresh longer.  They included tulips, which have a habit of drooping over on day three.  Anyway, they used additives of all kinds, but this is what worked best:  Refrigerating flowers overnight in water--no additives.

And it's working.  Even the iris remain perky.  I should have known, since florists keep all flowers refrigerated.

I love cut flowers in the house.  I love chocolate strawberries and fruit bouquets and Chanel creams and specialty soaps and homemade cards and bright necklaces.  I love all those things.  And I loved watching The Incredibles on the big screen at Charles's house.

Murgatroyd put her arm around me and accidentally grabbed a breast.  Now we'll have to get married.

Three year old Sally was cross and announced, "I'm going to my grumpy room," and disappeared into the living room.

Charles and Erica were happy to have had a forty minute skype with Harrison in Uruguay, where they all grinned at each other.

Tate made faces at me and Rian interpreted.

I like lying about with my family on a Sunday afternoon, listening to them snarking and snorting and trotting off to their grumpy rooms.


  1. My sister the florist suggests putting ice each night into the vase with tulips and it seems to work. I like cut flowers but I'm not crazy for flower gifts. I think lameo. Things, now that's another story. I love things even if they might rust and turn to dust, I will for loving them.

  2. Family on a Sunday afternoon! Yes!

  3. Family on a Sunday afternoon! Yes!

  4. The accidental boob grabs are always the funniest and awkwardest!

  5. I'm reading this from my grumpy room.

  6. I need a grumpy room. What a great idea!