Thursday, May 21, 2015

Iris Apfel sings it at 93

Designer, Iris Apfel at 93, gives me strength.  Talk about being yourself into old age.  Holy cow.  And she's still designing jewelry.

And here she is in her NY apartment.  Look at those boots! Just when I think I should be simplifying, I see old Iris in her gaudy surroundings and think, oh, I could buy even more stuff, because maybe I'll live another twenty years.

Maybe not.

Do you think she takes naps?

I'm pretty sure she does.

I'm pretty sure she has a cook and a housekeeper. I would like a psychiatrist on my staff.

What this tells me is dress up in case someone wants to take your picture.  And maybe after seventy, we should all wear redder lipstick.

And eyeglasses are a fashion statement.

Never say never.


  1. Just came home from a cruise. Two cabins away was a 98-year-old woman, also a fashion statement with rings on every finger. However, she needed a walker to get around the ship--I wonder if Iris put her walker out of sight for the photos?

    Did you just see the movie, IRIS?

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  2. I like the idea of a psychiatrist on staff. I don't need a chef (my husband has that covered), but I'd love to have a staff full of less traditional staff-roles: physical therapist, pilates instructor, yoga instructor, masseuse, therapist, and a gardener, but only for the weeds.