Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Needlepoint and Don Quixote

I had a needlepoint period in the late seventies and I completed a large and very complicated oriental design having to count all the stitches. I had it made into a pillow which I had in my living room for years until I grew tired of it.  I also completed one that was a white angora cat on a cerulean background.

I run into this finished canvas of the cat, occasionally, and wonder why I would choose such a sentimental design, especially when I don't understand nor particularly like cats.

It's pretty.  That's why I haven't thrown it out. It's kitschy, but the colors are pleasant. 

Anyway, today I decided to LISTEN to Don Quixote, which I've never read except for excerpts. I found a free version on my iPad and decided that listening to a book should be accompanied by a needlepoint project.  It happened I bought a kit a few years back and stored it away in an armoire. It's a large canvas of red poppies with some green in the background.  Also kitschy.  Again, I like the colors.

So I spent the afternoon listening to an introduction by the translator, whose name I can't remember, because I haven't seen it. It was read by a British male with a well modulated voice. While he read, I needle-pointed. What a good idea this was.

 Wrong. The first five chapters (and I assume the rest of the book) are read by a woman WHO CAN'T READ WORTH SPIT.  She started out well, but has fallen into stumbling over words and swallowing into her microphone. I can actually hear gulping. Chapter five was read much too fast, like a thirteen year old boy being forced to read Elizabeth Barrett Browning in front of his school class.

I want to strangle this woman.  I want to yell, "Slow down, you cow!" I want to poke the dull needle point needle into her upper arm and watch her bleed.

Maybe, I'm a little upset. Maybe, I should take a deep breath. Maybe, I should go to the public library tomorrow and get a professionally read version of this novel.

Cleansing breath. Okay. That's what I'll do.

The needlepoint is going very well, thank you.


  1. For a blog that started out using the word, cerulean, this post took a turn I didn't see coming. And I laughed.

  2. For a blog that started out using the word, cerulean, this post took a turn I didn't see coming. And I laughed.

  3. my daughter's favorite color, as a child and for at least a decade (and possibly still is...i haven't asked in a long time) was cerulean. which i didn't even know of when she first told me. i thought she was making it up. but then i felt like an idiot that my 4 year old knew a color i hadn't heard of. it's pretty emblematic of the rest of our relationship.

  4. I watch British tv shows while I cross stitch and it helps me not to want to stab to many things, have you seen Kingdom with Stephen Fry that is what is currently keeping my company while I do a sampler.

    1. Yes, I've seen all of it and LOVE it.

    2. I know it is such a good balance of laughter and tears, I just told my grandma she must watch it so we can talk about it!