Monday, May 18, 2015

Oprah and Louise SAY . . . Get a Bra Fitting

My sister, Marilyn, was driving around Bountiful on Saturday when she saw this sign. She couldn't believe it.  Surely, this sign was referring to her sister, Louise, who had written a blog about bra fittings about a month ago (April 13).  She went around the block to have a second look and take a picture on her phone, which she immediately sent to me.

I didn't see it until hours later, but when I did see it, I thought, wow, my blog readers are getting out there, and I am mildly famous!

Reign in my ego.  It turns out it was a store called LACE BY LOUISE.  There's one in Bountiful and one in South Jordan, as well.  I always thought it was a curtain store.  You know, lace curtains, as if anyone's buying those anymore.

It's a bra store!  A shop filled with bras.  Bras for all sizes.

So, it turns out it refers to the Louise who owns the store, not the Louise who writes about bra fittings.

I'm thinking there is only one Oprah.


  1. There's only one Louise Plummer.

  2. I was thinking of naming baby girl Oprah...

  3. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders by Oprah. New locations in Layton and Pleasant Grove.