Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. briefly sidetracked by Ken Cannon

For the last several weeks, I've been binge-watching eight seasons of Magnum P.I.  I was thirty-eight when the series began in 1980, and I have to say I thought Tom Selleck was the world's hunkiest man  despite that high giggle.  Maybe because of the high giggle.  It humanized him.

What is it about men with dimples? Of course there's more than dimples going on in this package. There's height, good musculature, hair and sympathetic blue eyes.  And the mustache. Not many men carry off a mustache.  As a rule, I dislike facial hair, but Selleck's mustache is sexy.

Ken Cannon carries off a mustache very well. And he has a high giggle as well. And he has an expensive fast car.  Wow, I never thought of Ken Cannon and Tom Selleck as prototypes before this moment.  What is my large brain up to?

Anyway, back to Magnum P.I. I enjoyed re-watching the series which is filled with humor, nonsense, bad guys, good guys, car chases, automatic weapons, some pathos and considerable hokiness. It never gets too dark, nor did it take itself seriously.  It was good fun to revisit Robin's Nest, the King Kamehameha Club, Higgins, Rick and T.C. and that red Ferrari.  It was like wrapping myself in a warm nostalgic blanket.  I felt safe.

So now I am onto Blue Bloods.  Tom Selleck is beefier, and his character is more serious and not nearly so sexy.  It's about a New York City police family with rivaling tensions as well as loyalties.The scripts are good and so is the acting.  The politics make me nervous. Tom Selleck's politics make me nervous, but despite that I continue to like him.

I like Ken Cannon because of his politics. And he married well.  And the bow ties.

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